Monday, August 25, 2008

Custom zippers for the Weekender Bag or other projects

I bought the pattern for Amy Butler's Weekender Bag which calls for a 30" plastic or metal teeth heavyweight zipper (non separating). That's a mouthful. I first had to figure out what "non separating" was. It means that the zipper cannot separate at the end like it does on your jacket. It needs to have a permanent stopper at the end. I could not find one ANYWHERE. Finally, I found  I was real pleased with the easy to use interface for ordering. I could get any length zipper I wanted, with just about any feature for it. There are more color choices if you get a plastic zipper instead of a metal. I got mine in less than a week. [more]
I saw on another person's blog that they used a dual zipper on their weekender bag. That is an option you can order (I chose it). That means you can open and close your bag from either end or put the zipper pulls in the middle of the bag -- just like on your suitcase. It has two zipper pulls on the zipper. I thought it was a great idea!  If you want the dual zipper, chose the "bag type" zipper option when ordering.
I first ordered mine with brass teeth, without realizing how heavy it would be. I reordered in nylon and I like that much better for my bag.
*Read their "all about zippers" section first. It really helped me!
!*** Dawn & are in no way associated with Dawn is just a happy zipper customer!

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