Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cherry Pincushion

This pincushion is made from the pattern "kelly's pincushions" that is in the book "Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts".  I made it for my Grandmother's birthday using red and aqua fabrics and aqua floss. I added the button to cover up the string intersections. I topped off the gift with a new set of blue Fons & Porter glass head pins to match.

Project Notes:
  • I stuffed this with Quilters Dream's Sweet Dreams cotton stuffing that I purchased from Purl Soho's website. This stuffing is heavier than poly/synthetic and packs well. I'm glad I used it.
  • I  had a hard time sewing the floss around the cushion seams. Since so many seams meet at the top and bottom, shoving a large needle through that is hard. I would push it through with my thimble and my husband would yank it out with pliers.... I was able to get it through on my own a few times with a little work. Maybe I could have found a needle better suited for this. I just bought one in the isle where I found the floss at the store. (I know nothing about embroidery stuffs.)

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