Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knit Skirt - Kwik Sew 3513

This was my first knit skirt. It's in a color that I call "superman blue". =)   I like that it has a fold over yoga style waistband. Arg! I didn't straighten the waistband before my Husband took the photo. oh well, you at least get the idea.

I used Kwik Sew pattern 3513, View B with a few alterations...

1- Shortened the pattern since I'm around 5'2" or so.
2- I also had to take in the waistband. Not sure if it is because my fabric had more than the recommended stretch or what. But I took in the waist a total of about 5.5 inches.  I just stretched it more to connect it to the skirt body so no alterations to the skirt body at the waist.

Other notes.
Sewed this with a Serger but hemmed it with my regular machine. I used a double needle for knits for the hem. A double needle makes two nice lines on the front and a zig-zag on the back and stretches.  It does require two spools of thread on top of your machine though, so I had to consult my manual on how to properly thread. I also set my stitch length to 3 to have a little bit longer stitch.

Overall, I like the look and it is soft and breezy.

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