Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Bath Curtains

We had guests coming to stay, and since we had put plastic over the windows, I decided we needed some curtains. The plastic keeps out the winter drafts (and my Husband did such a good job you can hardly tell it's there!), but it traps the mini-blind controls behind it. I left the blinds half open to let the sun in but I thought that a little more privacy would be a good idea.

If you notice on the right, the shower curtain is pretty busy so I wasn't sure at first what would compliment them. I obviously couldn't make the curtains out of all patterned fabric or it would be too wild.  I settled for  a patterned section at the top only, and solid fabric for the rest. I searched my stash and found this medallion fabric that looks like it was made to go with the shower curtain! How lucky was that?!  I threw in an orange accent stripe to transition from the pattern into the plain linen.  They turned out great, except they don't bunch well when pulled aside because that strip is a few layers thick, making a stiff line across the curtains. I guess you always learn something when you make a project without a pattern...

A close-up of the top of the curtains.

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