Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Renaissance Dress

Renaissance Dress Decoration Close-Up
I sewed this dress from my Brother in-law's Renaissance Wedding last May. Since it was in early summer so I had to go with lightweight fabric and I chose not to line the sleeves as the pattern called for. Though it is not shown, this dress laces up the back.
I learned a lot from this project considering it was my second dress and the first time I had ever done sleeves. There is lining in the top half of the dress so I got the "pleasure" (sarcasm) of doing the sleeves twice! All and all it went pretty well. My biggest issue is that my hips are one pattern size larger than my bust. So that makes for complications. I'm also 5'4" so I had to shorten my pattern which was something I'd never done before either.
See the full dress here!
*Sewn from McCalls Costume Pattern #M4491 out of random fabric I found at Jo-Anns with crepe back satin for the sleeves.
Brother In-Law's Ren Wedding


  1. Oh, that is beautiful! I just found your site through google and look forward to reading more.

    God bless,

  2. I finally get to see the dress! This is beautiful; you're so talented.


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