Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sock Monkey Bag

Sock Monkey Bag

For Mother's Day we gave our Mothers and Grandmothers a choice of an apron or this bag pattern. They all chose the bag. My Mother wanted the sock monkey fabric because she though it was so funny. It did turn out pretty cute. There is a monkey head button on the back that the loop goes over to close the bag.

I had a hard time with the corners on this bag. It didn't say to clip them but I think it helps in terms of easing the curve. I didn't know what kind of interfacing to use and I didn't see any guidance in the pattern instructions either. I ended up using some fusible fleece style that gives the bag a little more stiffness. It made it a little hard to sew when joining the inside and outside bags together though.

*This bag is made from Grand Revival's Flea Market Bag pattern. It is the size small shoulder bag version. The fabric is by Moda.

Sock Monkey Bag Button Closure on Sock Monkey Bag Sock Monkey Bag

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